What's On in Term 2

What’s on in Term 2

Year five  2018


Term Two in Year 5 will be another action-packed term. The Inquiry unit of work this term is entitled Natural Disasters. Students will learn how to identify and categorise natural disasters both within Australia and worldwide. They will be able to explain the causes and effects of natural disasters and the ways in which people can prepare for these events.

An excursion to the IMAX Theatre and Melbourne Museum on the 11th May has been planned. The movie ‘Forces of Nature’ will provide the students with further information relating to their work on natural disasters, followed by a session at the museum on bushfires in Australia.


Our major writing focus for Term Two will be persuasive texts, narratives, and information report writing. Students will continue to cover skills in punctuation, word study, proof reading, and editing. Formal whole class sessions will also focus on a variety of spelling and grammar rules, in conjunction with reading comprehension skills. We will also be working on CAFE READING and DAILY 5 where students will continue to set their own personal reading goals.


In Mathematics, students will be engaged in differentiated activities that will foster their understanding of the relationship between decimals, percentages and fractions.  They will continue to revise and build on their knowledge of addition, subtraction, division and multiplication. Students will continue to improve their understanding of and proficiency with problem solving and units of measurement.

The Year 5’s will also be participating in an anti-bullying project called Project Rockit. This program teaches our students the importance of respecting and valuing everyone they encounter as they journey through life.


The Grade 5’s will be completing NAPLAN this term. This will take place from the 15th -17th May.


We look forward to a great Term Two and your continuing support of the programs and activities in Year 5.


YEAR 5 Team:   Aviva Cohen, Nancy Merrick, Muireann McGowan, Christine Gesuato.


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