Imax Excursion

‘Forces of Nature’ at IMAX and Dynamic Earth at
Melbourne Museum

This term, as part of our Natural Disasters Inquiry Unit, Year 5 visited IMAX  to watch a short film, ‘Forces of Nature.’ The film showcases the awesome spectacle of earthquakes, volcanoes and severe storms. It follows scientists on their quest to understand the origins of natural disasters and the impact they have on humans. With the aid of the giant IMAX screen, the students witnessed the violence of the natural disasters and their devastating effect on our world.
This film links closely to the Dynamic Earth exhibition at Melbourne Museum, which includes a 3D volcanic eruption experience, fascinating examples of igneous rock and the minerals found within, combined with The Forest Gallery, where the groups strolled through a bushfire exhibit.

The students and staff thoroughly enjoyed their visit to IMAX and the Melbourne Museum. We would like to thank the parents who accompanied the grades. Without their contribution, excursions such as these, would not be possible.

Year 5 Team.

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