What’s On In Year 5
Term Four 2019?

Term Four in Year 5 will yet again be a very busy and exciting time for all.Our area of inquiry is entitled “Your Vote Counts”. Students will build an understanding of how laws are made and passed in Australia and learn about the various roles held within the Australian Government.
Students will lead their own Class Parliament where they will take on ministerial roles and produce briefs to present when their “House” is in session. This will also enable them to continue to work on and develop their oral, listening and debating skills. There will be an incursion to Parliament House and the Old Melbourne Gaol on Friday October 18th.

Our Literacy program will incorporate sessions focusing on SMART spelling, sentence structure, paragraphing, comprehension tasks and fluency skills. The CAFE reading program in Grade 5 will continue to run with a focus on new reading strategies each week. We will also introduce the students to reading circles and accompanying a…

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